Scott Hogg

Hey guys! Welcome to The HoggWild blog! My wife, dog and I have created this fun space to share our limitless adventures, as well as offer insight and travel plans so you can enjoy the wonders of nature too! I grew up in Maine, graduating from a ski academy then moving to Boston to attend Boston University. From whitewater kayaking to skiing the back country, I am constantly searching for the next unique experience. Having attended multiple survival and outdoors schools, no journey is out of reach. Being outside is my calling, and I try to spend every free second exploring new places. When I am stuck inside I spend every second planning our next trip. My wife and I recently customized our Jeep “Alice” to take our expeditions to a whole new level. Please follow along as we take over Americas vast beauty, one state at a time!


Hey everyone! My name is Taylor and I am originally from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Growing up in New England I learned to love the outdoors, vacationing in the mountains of Maine for snowboarding trips, and camping in Vermont regularly. I am so lucky to have had these experiences in the wilderness at such a young age, developing a passion for being outside, adventuring and exploring off the beaten path. I graduated Boston University in 2014 and moved to North Carolina for 5 years. In 2018 Scott, Khao and I packed all of our belongings, and moved to the West coast. Now I am loving life in the PNW! I love the landscapes, the flowers and the outdoorsy vibe. You can’t live in this part of the country and not love nature! In my spare time, alongside The HoggWild, I run a fashion and beauty blog called Stop, Drop & Vogue. I have attended New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, photographing backstage and runway events. Fashion and nature are my two favorite things, and I like to combine the two during my photo shoots. My goal of this blog is to create travel inspiration and to lead an interesting life, alongside my husband and dog!


My life started in 2014 when my parents snagged me for $20 from a scary trailer park. Since, I have learned to love going on hikes, eating all the food I can find, and snuggling in bed. Nobody knows what kind of dog I am, but one thing’s for sure, I am one “Good Boy”. In my spare time I like to play fetch, lick my paws, and howl at fire truck sirens. You better watch out though, cause I might try to and lick your face :).